Automated property management

We have developed our own access management control panel “MDO”. It allows to connects every electric lock to our web application called “LockMania”. Our clients can manage entrance management from the web. Shared space user can unlock the door by their smartphone using our gadget or mobile device set near the door by entering user password.

Lockmania Vision

Since the company was established in 2007, we have gained reputation as the best back-end platform provider for the flexible space industry. We have foreseen, invented and provided several major back end systems such as IP-Centrex Service, Network Installation Management and now have created automation access management “LOCKMANIA”. We understand our service is the core part of our client’s business model. We prioritize FEASIBILITY, TRUSTWORTHINESS and STABILITY more than anything else.

We will continue to foresee and develop our service so when clients do need, we will be ready for them. We strongly believe that management automation helps clients to focus more on the user experience. Resulting will increase user value, accelerate business, allowing them to franchise their business.