Why to choose Us?

We can guarantee you complete convenience and best user experience. Our product is not here to replace a key itself because it may not open the door when you need it and that is not acceptable in a professional business. Our focus is to guarantee that the door will open when it is required to do so. What we provide for you is MDO(control panel) that connects and is on-line with any electric lock including auto-lock. Once it is connected to MDO, all is managed by web application for speed and flexibility.  Our target clients are not consumers but businesses. Access management is an infrastructure for the business and we value above all the security that the door will open when required.

Access Management
Q: What is the differences with the rest of product called “smartlock” ?

There are many different smartlock products varying whether it is an attachment device or installation device. One thing they have in common that they open the door by Bluetooth. The only and the most important thing that we focus on is that it will “OPEN for anyone”. Not for only to some people but to anyone that our clients need to. If you like to make it convenient and a person at the front-desk to support in case door doesn’t open, please do consider to use other smartlock product.

Q: How do I enter through the doors?

For the smartphone user if they are near the door, open smartphone gadget and press the door on display. For non-smartphone user or smartphone without any battery, they can enter their own preset password to the mobile device attached near the door. In case both don’t work, space user can call space Management Company who can open doors remotely anywhere in a world.

Q: Is there any number restriction on doors LOCKMANIA can manage?

It is Unlimited

Q: Is there any number restriction on user LOCKMANIA can manage?

It is Unlimited. Price doesn’t vary based on number of users

Q: is user smart phone gadget compatible on both IOS and Android?

Yes it is

Q: What happens if mobile device near the door breaks?

Any android base mobile device can replace it. Please contact us for device registration in such cases

Q: Can anyone open the door once they download smartphone application?

No, accessibility is strictly controlled by space management company
These steps need to be followed to be able to open the doors:

  1. Management company must register user information
  2. Management company must issue the mobile key
  3. Space user must be near the door.
Q: I have many users already, can I register them all in one go?

Yes you can. You can upload and register all the user by uploading CSV file to LOCKMANIA

Q: What kind of log of information can I get?

It is a raw data of door status: Opened / Closed/ Locked / Unlocked / Door keep opening / Name of user send an unlock signal to server

Reservation Management
Q: What’s necessary for user to make a reservation?

Management Company: User Registration, User Attribute Registration, resister space, issue Bowser Account (for non-smartphone user). Space User: Download Application or Login Brower User Interface

Q: What is user attribute?

It is set by management companies to distinguish what kind of pricing and what space user can use. You can say it is a plan per space / usage time for a group of user

Q: How many MDO can it sync with reservation system?

It can sync as many as you like. For example:  conference room for co-working space usually requires two accesses. 1. is to enter the space, 2 is to enter the individual conference room. In this case, two MDOs need to be synced with the space.

Q: Can we set space usability time per space?

Yes you can set per space. Whether it is 9:00-18:00 or 24 hours. This also can be set in user attribute. Of course user attribute usability time set on each space cannot be longer than space attribute usability time

Q: Can we add extra information or caution notes to space user?

Yes you can add notes when you register  the space. This will reflect on user side so when they make reservation, space user sees your note. You can put point in check or maybe equipment property has such as projectors, screen, and printer and other devices.

Q: Please explain how space user can make reservation from a browser?

When we issue an account to our client (=management company), system automatically issues the user interface URL. User can log in by ID=phone number PW: if you are smartphone user, they set password by themselves, if it is onsite mobile device user, system will issue its password when user is registered

Reception Management
Q: Can we set in Japanese letters as well as alphabetic letters?

Yes you can

Q: Can we tap the client’s number and make a call from the mobile device set near the door?

No you cannot, you need to set reception phone or visitors should make calls from their phone from outside of the entrance

Q: Can any electric lock connect?

At this moment, MDO is made for Japanese standard. In that case, electric locks must be 24V. Then any electric lock (cylinder, mortise, motor, magnetic, bolt, auto) can connect

Q: What are the things to check for installing MDO?

MDO is a control panel. Any electric lock will connect to a control panel. In our case, it will automatically sync with our server. It means only differences from the rest of the control panel is it must connected to internet by wired LAN cable

Q: To unlock, what connectivity do you use? Is it BT4.0/BLE as other smart lock?

MDO does not use Bluetooth b/c of lack of reliability. MDO locates users by GPS or mobile network location signal. The purpose of this, user must be able to open the door when they are near by the door. Bluetooth paring connectivity is not reliable enough for professional business scene especially for anonymous user. As long as on site internet is on-line, user can enter the property. For the smartphone user, GPS function must be set to ON

Q: What will happen to electric lock when MDO loses internet connectivity?

MDO has its setting so when internet is down, it can either keep door locked or unlocked

Q: What will happen to the electric lock when there is a power shortage or building maintenance?

This will depends on what time of electric door you choose to install. In general, there are two kinds of electric lock. One is energized-locking type and another is energized-unlocking type. Simply means, it locks when it is powered or it unlocks when it is a powered. In case of power down perhaps because of building maintenance, MDO will remember the last status of the lock so when power is back on line, MDO will be on-line automatically.

Q: How much will one set up cost approximately?

It varies whether you will set mobile device both side of the door or you will set simple exit button. Approximately, if allocate budget of 100,000yen-130,000yen/set should be enough.

Q: When does monthly fee starts?

The installation month will be free for our clients. Free service will occur from the next month